For whatever reasons conferences are held, they are all about personal interaction and fostering communication.

It is easy to keep up with contacts and friends over the internet – but making friends and establishing partnerships is still a personal matter, one human talking to another, requiring face-to-face dialogue.

Every JCI European Conference serves as a platform for international exchange.

This platform allows our members to make new friends and meet old ones who they will otherwise probably not see over the course of the year.

The 2021 JCI European Conference will take place on a cruise ship and is therefore ideally suited to maximize all possibilities to create “PartnerShips for our Future”.

Because very few hotels in Europe can provide the required number of rooms, attending amazing conferences in amazing cities requires conference participants to split up between many different accommodations and to switch locations.

To charter a cruise ship on an exclusive basis solves this challenge: JCI Europe will be provided a “hotel” with 1,035 rooms for up to 2,566 people for the entire duration of the conference, not to mention a huge theater, various restaurants and bars, many different ways to work out, and a number of other facilities. Within the family atmosphere of a cruise ship, diverse young people from all over Europe can create even more sustainable impact. Of course this “hotel” will not stay in port! According to the specific route chosen, we will be able to visit three foreign ports: Gothenborg, Oslo and Copenhagen. While members of the regional JCI chapters will be leading tours of their respective city and region for many of the participants, the program on board continues. Delegates will be able to attend the General Assembly without having to take part in the cruise – but most will choose to set sail!

The Conference Organizing Committee is confident it can offer the entire cruise, including the conference program, at great value and very attractive pricing. Every participant will enjoy a once-in-a-lifetime experience, an event that may never be repeated again – at an all inclusive price.


Story of Impact: PartnerShips for our Future

There are more than seven billion people living on planet earth right now, almost eight billion by 2021.

But without partnerships and collaborations, mankind would not achieve anything. No matter whether you look at business, countries or cities, it is in our very human nature to engage in partnerships. What better way to celebrate partnerships than on our PartnerSHIP?

We want to show how important PartnerShips are for our future in a world that is becoming more and more complex:


Following the example of the Hanseatic League we aim to focus on the importance of PartnerShips between companies as well as between cities and countries. Our participants are those young leaders who have the chance to act and to create positive change.


“Europe” is an example of PartnerShips beyond borders. After “Brexit”, voted for by mostly elderly people, it is more important than ever before to set an example for transnational collaboration. A cruise ship with young active citizens is the perfect symbol to literally connect people and nations and to step up for Europe.


“Revitalize the global partnership for sustainable development”. This goal summarizes all UN Sustainable Development Goals. A successful sustainable development agenda requires PartnerShips between governments, the private sector and civil society. These inclusive Partner- Ships, built upon principles and values, a shared vision, and shared goals that place people and the planet at the center, are needed at the global, regional, national and local level. We want to work on this challenge.


PartnerShips between humans, companies, cities, countries and continents hold the possibility to create sustainable, possibly global impact.  We care for a deep and symbolic connection between people and nations.


We aim to set up an interesting and sustainable program for all target groups involving partners who personally give value to our conference: Sponsors, speakers, trainers, celebrities and others. All of them will contribute to the program having an impact.

This short listing shows our vision: To strengthen the values of PartnerShips in every aspect of life. We firmly believe that the world’s leading global network of young active citizens, that empowers young people to create positive change, and that firmly believes that the brotherhood of man transcends the sovereignty of nations, cannot sit still and watch while Europe is drifting apart. We want to expand the network of JCI members with those young, active citizens who share our goals and values and would like to welcome them aboard our PartnerSHIP.



JCI Germany (Wirtschaftsjunioren Deutschland, WJD) is the largest association of young leaders and entrepreneurs up to the age of 40. Although our members are committed to their respective professions, they also want to take action and create impact on their communities as well.

We find solutions to local issues to benefit our communities, our world and our future. Embracing new ideas, collaboration and diversity, we have the passion and courage to address the critical challenges of our time. There are more than 10,000 active members in Germany.

Our global network of Junior Chamber International (JCI) consists of more than 200,000 members in most countries of the world, 30,000 of them in Europe!