Project Description

Children’s Program

We offer our youngest guests a thrilling adventure program on board. Kids are split into age groups: Sea Horses (3-6 year olds), Dolphins (7-9 year olds) and Sharks (10-11 year olds). Each age group has a specific playroom and there is an activities program similar to a holiday camp: The crew for Kids & Teens will put together an entertaining program for the cruise, to include over 100 game and crafting activities, board safaris and workshops, ranging from multimedia to seafaring. Of course, even our smallest sailors have their own guarded kids’ pool and private sun deck. Their parents can stay calm and fully relaxed, knowing that on board the ship, their kids will never be more than 5 minutes away.

Children are hosted at least from 10.00 AM to 8.00 PM – lunch and dinner can be taken together with the Kids & Teens crew. At night the children need to stay in their parents’ cabin – baby phones can be borrowed from reception.

Height-adjustable baby chairs are available in the restaurants. Baby food can be heated at one of the bars. Baby cots, baby baths, bottle warmers, night lights and windmills can be borrowed for use in the cabins.

The Children’s Program on board is included in an accommodation fee of € 199.00 per child.

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