Project Description

Conference Program


EBF – European Business Forums

JCI Germany hosted the 2017 G20 Young Entrepreneurs’ Alliance (G20 YEA) in Berlin. Therefore, it is no stranger when it comes to the exchange of experience and the initiation of business relations. In 2018, the WJD (JCI Germany) Business Forums were established. We would like them to become a part of the 2021 JCI European Conference: The exchange with like-minded people is one of the most important added values offered by JCI. As young entrepreneurs and leaders, we often face similar challenges and aim to exchange our experience. The European Business Forums offer the opportunity to exchange knowledge, to establish professional and social contacts and to learn from each other – with or without a speaker, being held as a workshop, twinning, webinar, lecture or at a bar camp. In this way, the EBFs create added value.

ESF – European Social Forums

Social aspects are becoming increasingly important – and have been in the DNA of JCI for more than 100 years. JCI members take the initiative to solve local challenges with sustainable impact. Starting European Social Forums, we want to establish an exchange focussed on social projects. JCI members are young active citizens all over the world, living, communicating, taking action and creating impact in our communities. We intend for our social activities to start an exchange of like-minded people. The European Social Forums offer the opportunity to exchange knowledge, to embrace new ideas, collaboration and diversity, to establish social contacts and to learn from each other. Similar to EBFs, the ESFs could take place with or without a speaker, being held as a workshop, twinning, webinar, lecture or at a bar camp. In this way, the ESFs address the critical challenges of our time and create added value with PartnerShips for our Future.

World Café

Our conference program caters for the needs of a wide target group. Besides JCI members, there are many more active citizens who share our goals and values. To strengthen their desire to take part at our conference, we are fully aware that we have to offer a conference program that is as appealing as it is trendsetting. The main program will deal with business matters on the one hand and social aspects on the other. We are going to start European Business Forums EBF and European Social Forums ESF to complement each other. These forums are supplemented by offering particular skills development courses and anaccompanying trade show.

Trade Show

A JCI conference can hardly take place without sponsorships on the one hand and great ideas and initiatives from JCI members on the other hand. For both groups, contacts to spread their ideas, products or services are an important key factor. A cruise ship is – compared to a hotel or congress center – family-like in its setting. We plan to organize a trade show throughout the whole ship: Wherever the attendees go they will get in contact with at least one booth. This is an advantage for both sides, as the trade booth teams get in contact with the attendees and they get in contact with ideas, products or services they might need or which appear most inspiring to them.


JCI Germany acts as a training organisation for its members. Our certified trainers offer numerous possibilities for lifelong learning – together and also from one another. They have developed various trainings according to the needs of our members and are looking forward to offer a wide range of these productive courses during our conference with one main goal: To develop and strengthen the participants’ skills.

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