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JCI Official Program


Skills development

JCI wants its members to develop their skills and therefore provides various training opportunities. Of course, JCI conferences are central to providing skills development: JCI members have the ideas and determination to leave this world better than they found it. With unique JCI training sessions, they develop their skill sets that transform them into active citizens who create a better world. Since the JCI trainer-training courses were dissolved during the 2012 JCI World Congress, JCI Germany started to set up its own trainer-training. Based on this training session, the “JCI Europe Certified Trainer” was established in 2017 and more than 100 trainers from JCI Germany were honored with this certificate so far. With this background, we are able to set up a wide range of JCI training sessions during our conference, in cooperation with JCI World Headquarters and JCI Europe. Our trainers are already looking forward to inspire the attendees with their courses.

JCI European Debating Championship

The JCI Debating Championship (English, French, German) is an essential part of every JCI Conference: Debating challenges two teams to persuade and argue against each other on an assigned topic, with one team is for a motion and the other against. The teams are judged based on a specified scoring, with those most skilled at arguing their case winning. We want to challenge debating teams in three different languages: English, French and German. The debating will take place in several parts of the cruise ship: This gives an extra challenge to go into this extraordinary setup. The attendees could also debate at the bar or at the kids’ club? Every place could be the best for spontaneous arguments! Maybe even with the captain about setting course to some Caribbean island?

JCI Workshop

As our thematic focus will be “PartnerShips for our Future”, we will of course focus on the UN Sustainable Development Goal No. 17: “PartnerShips for the goals” and work on this summarizing goal in the central JCI Workshop. We need a strong global partnership for sustainable development and thus need to revitalize the means of its implementation. UN Sustainable Development Goal No. 17 includes all relevant targets: Finance, technology, capacity building, trade and systemic issues. Let’s focus on PartnerShips for the goals and create the impact we need to act as young, active and responsible citizens to create a better world.

JCI EDC Growth & Development Academy

We look forward to supporting the JCI European Development Council organizing their yearly academy prior to JCI European Conference. This academy focuses on how to build a sustainable local and national organization. Participants will be provided with a set of tools and skills to improve or set up their local organization and will be trained in how to put into action what they learned. The aim is to support both new and small National Organizations in Europe as well as those organizations who have been facing a decrease in membership. For this program, we have already requested rooms at Youth Hostel Warnemünde, with the sea right in front of the doorstep and excellent conference and seminar facilities.

Step up for Europe

At the 2018 European Know-How Transfer, JCI Europe officially launched its campaign “Step Up For Europe” that aims to unite and mobilize young people to engage in political debates and take part in political decision-making processes to shape the future of Europe. In the year of our conference, we will be able to review great ideas from young active citizens transcending the sovereignty of nations. At the same time, we will enable JCI organizations across Europe to gain relevance and visibility as organizations that empower young people, challenge the status quo, and create positive change. To achieve these goals, we will provide specific platforms, such as forums, workshops and seminars, where our attendees can exchange stories and experiences or work on solutions to create sustainable impact.

In 2021, it will be time to celebrate the achievements of the last three years. By literally connecting people and nations across Europe, we are sure to get great media coverage to state a vision of “Step up for Europe” and to bring numerous activities, actions and visions together. This might become the initial spark to light up sustainable PartnerShips for our Future.

JCI Morning Show

After enjoying the evening program and a good night’s sleep on board, our attendees can get the day off on the right foot with the JCI Morning Show in the theater. Listeners will get a sneak peek of the day’s activities, guest speakers, and maybe even win some prizes. The future belongs to those who wake up early!

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