Project Description

Sports Activities

EC Golf Championships 2021

We carry out a 18-hole Golf Championship for all attendees: Physical challenges and recreation are guaranteed. An aperitif and Awards Ceremony at the ‘19th hole’ is mandatory as the tournament will take place in one or two of the four cities we conquer ashore. Regarding routing times, we might have to divide the Championships in two 9-hole-partsin different cities.

EC Golf Championships 2021 for Senators

Of course, the golf fans among the JCI Senators are also catered for. There will be the almost obligatory golf tournament for Senators during one of our shore excursions, probably as a 9-hole Golf Championship due to time constraints.

Football Tournament

The traditional EC Football Tournament takes place on the small field on board, close to most activities in our program and therefore very close to a large fanbase. The teams will have a goalie and four outfield players. The players can be of both genders. The number of substitutions is unlimited.

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