The Sustainability Department is planning to create a wide-spread focus on sustainability throughout 2021 JCI European Conference Cruise. A major factor herby is the compensation of emitted greenhouse gases during ECC 2021.

A JCI European Conference on a cruise ship and we are talking sustainability? Yes, we do! The cruise industry has been criticized for their emissions, which we are fully aware of. While basically correct, most of the negative press is insufficient and not put into context. It’s always difficult to compare apples to oranges. Fact is that mankind cannot achieve anything without international collaboration. ECC 2021 is literally connecting people and nations and creating “Partnerships for our Future”. In our humble opinion this justifies the additional carbon footprint – which might be smaller than you think!

ECC 2021 generates total emissions equivalent of two flights of 1.500 km in an A320 or B737.  Besides that, trains or buses would not have been feasible as a venue.

Every conference has a bad impact on the environment. To compensate for that we create activities with a positive impact on the environment locally. The Harbour-teams in Gothenburg, Oslo and Copenhagen are helping the Sustainibility Department to find the best options and create great ideas.


The world clean-up day became a tradition which we will keep.

The last pillar in our plans so far is “Mindset“. The idea is to create two trainings targeted at our personal mindset and personal attitude towards sustainability.

The Sustainability Department is aware of the importance of sustainability, limited resources, energy management and negative impacts on the environment. It is our goal to raise this awareness in every person boarding AIDAdiva with us in June 2021. Let’s create positive impact!


The sponsoring department is running hot. We are busy with acquiring and constantly contacting potential sponsors from both the corporate sector and the JCI Universe. Of course, COVID-19 does not make sponsoring any easier. We have excellent offers starting at € 5,000.-, including a Balcony Cabin for two and some nice perks money cannot buy.

One of our sponsors is Nic Debusmann, an entrepreneur and JCI member from the German Federal State of Saarland. Nic is available as a reference and would happily explain to you why he is convinced that 2021 JCI European Conference Cruise will deliver exactly the audience he is targeting.

All premier sponsoring packages can be completely customized and tailored to suit your company’s individual needs. If you would like to become a sponsor of this once-in-a-lifetime conference please contact


The Association of JCI Senators in Germany is very pleased to fully support the great project of 2021 European Conference Cruise of JCI Rostock / JCI Germany. Of course, they focus on the participating Senators from all over the world, to whom they want to offer several additional highlights.

The focus of their work is currently on the preparation and promotion of the Senators’ pre-tour, an exclusive event for a maximum of 45 participants. Almost 30 Senators have already booked, so it is important to register as soon as possible not to miss out on this exciting tour. They will also offer a Senators’ bar tour, of course. The motto is “On the tracks of the Hanseatic League“. On the way from the Hanseatic City of Bremen via the Hanseatic Cities of Hamburg, Lübeck and Wismar to the Hanseatic City of Rostock, they want to learn about the history of this highly successful medieval merchant’s union and visit the Hanseatic Cities, which all have a special flair of their own. Of course, there are some highlights included that normal tourists would never get to see. Further information about the pre-tour can be found here.

In addition, they will offer for their members and their guests a Senators’ bar on board AIDAdiva and organize special tours for Senators in the harbors. For this they have joined forces with the Senators in the respective countries.